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Xbox 360 Night for the Aussie Contingent

Yes, after four months of waiting, the Xbox 360 is finally going to be available. (And there was much rejoicing.)

I’ll be lining up to get mine tonight, playing The Setup Game (aka Cable Conundrum), and then playing a lot into the early hours of the morning, when I’ll be yelled at for being so bloody inconsiderate and not pumicing the corns on her feet. Shudder.

To those that challenge me at PGR3: 1 w1ll 0wn j00. Also looking forward to some split-screen Burnout, and some GRAW. Mmm. GRAW.

Speaking of GRAW, “Spore” rhymes with GRAW, and I’m told this video is worth the hour. I might find out between 8pm and 12 tonight…

Only one thing remains to be said:

We who are about to buy salute you.