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It’s an Origami for mi

Currently on couch, but perched in front of laptop.

Tried blogging via Community Server from hastily-borrowed i-mate Jasjar while reclined, but it didn’t pan out, and I don’t like the keyboard on it. I’ll let that post go.

So as long as someone manages to get a nice, semi-regular QWERTY keyboard (eg, shift, control and Esc keys) into a UMPC, I’m there.

When I can get a phone built into my watch, that’ll be me about done. Nice, ultraportable PC for roaming use, nice, fast PC for home gaming (or will the 360 cure him of his PC gaming addiction? Find out this season on Blog du Tristank), and no *^%_ phone to carry around.

* um, as long as they get back to cleaner designs. Clean is good. Looking like a piece of stereo equipment is a turnoff for me.