CoComment, eh? Phwoooaaaar, eh? Phwoooooaaaaaar, eh? Eh eh? Eh? (wink)

Right. Been busy. Forced myself to take 1/2 hour to do something other than type, whether it was play games or read feeds. Feeds won, so I'm now catching up on the 7387 unread items I have in RssBandit.

Jay mentioned coComment earlier, and it sounded like a good idea, so I'm trying it out. I have no idea whether it's any good or not yet, but when the bookmarklet popped up the first time (shown), I found myself grinning like a madman. Wow. No, not wow, phwooar.

Now that's a sexy UI for a bookmarklet.

Am I sick? Almost certainly. Do I need help? Possibly. Was it worth taking a screenshot? Yeah, definitely. I'm into... candid... photography. Nudge, nudge.


Speaking of UI, that's Maxthon perched away in the background (I prefer the next-to-the-current-tab grouping approach to IE7's "just add it to the end with the others, dear" approach). Maxthon didn't let me add the bookmarklet to Favourites, and it instead added something that wasn't the Javascript. Solution was simply to fire up IE, add the bookmarklet to favorites (sic) in that, and then reopen Maxthon to use it. If that didn't *actually* work, I'll update.

[Update] D'oh - cookie problems. So not yet.

Comments (2)

  1. Craig T's personal elocution trainer says:

    What, here in the BLOGOCUBE? (no, for your information, it’s NOT a sphere).

    Candid photography? What next – screen reflections of you huddled over a cold pizza? NO! NO! NO! Enough! The horrors abound!

    Let’s stick to tasteful screen shots of Kellie wheezing and vomiting on the side of the soccer field.

  2. jayson knight says:

    Hey hey big T…thanks for the linkage!  It should have popped up automatically, did you have to click that pesky bookmarklet thingie?

    Those guys are on it man…pretty much every "feature" I’ve asked them to implement, they have…they support tagging your comments now as well.

    I giggled for a good 42.7 seconds reading the title of this post…phwooooaaar!

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