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So much to do, so little time. Moving RSS out of Outlook and into RssBandit means I spend less time reading my feeds each day, but my workload is high enough that I don’t usually get a chance to check it. Sigh.

Anyway, rather than talk about what I’ve been doing, I’d rather talk about what’s coming up and/or exciting!

Someone mentioned somewhere that PC gaming was on the decline, and this post was top of MSN Search for those keywords. Well, yes. I agree. And in my humble I-was-a-gamer-long-before-Microsoft opinion, it’s going to take more than putting Halo 2 out to fix it, no disrespect intended to the really-rather-good Halo 2. In the immortal-yet-somehow-butchered-by-me-anyway words of Denis Leary:

PC Gaming’s not dead, it’s frozen. And when they thaw it out, it’s going to be really mad.

So what would I like to see? A reason to get a real long-travel proportional joystick again! And things that just don’t work as well on consoles:

  • Flight Sims involving helicopters. DI’s Apache Longbow and Hind were just amazing at the time. Jane’s Apache was also good.

  • Another real Falcon game. Any flight sim would be good. F15 Strike Eagle 4 would be fine.

  • X online. Or something. Freelancer was close, but was let down by a boring travel mechanic.

  • Ultima 10. Don’t care. Just want it. Same with Wing Commander, the Mark Hamill version, please.

  • A Mechwarrior that returns to simulation, that doesn’t get the scale wrong (for eg, Mechwarrior 2 with virtual cockpit)

  • Another Deus Ex sequel, only not as small and spoon-fed. (Caaarn BioShock)

  • We haven’t had a really good Star Wars sim for years. Meaning, since TIE Fighter. Carn Lucasarts.

  • Syndicate 3! And no 3D this time, thanks

Ya know, stuff we haven’t seen for a good 10 years that was actually really good.

Meanwhile, I sit here, mouse doing laps of the screen, wondering what work to do next… No games to distract me makes Tristan a dull, haggard and ever-so-slightly* narky boy.