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So much to do, so little time. Moving RSS out of Outlook and into RssBandit means I spend less time reading my feeds each day, but my workload is high enough that I don't usually get a chance to check it. Sigh.

Anyway, rather than talk about what I've been doing, I'd rather talk about what's coming up and/or exciting!

Someone mentioned somewhere that PC gaming was on the decline, and this post was top of MSN Search for those keywords. Well, yes. I agree. And in my humble I-was-a-gamer-long-before-Microsoft opinion, it's going to take more than putting Halo 2 out to fix it, no disrespect intended to the really-rather-good Halo 2. In the immortal-yet-somehow-butchered-by-me-anyway words of Denis Leary:

PC Gaming's not dead, it's frozen. And when they thaw it out, it's going to be really mad.

So what would I like to see? A reason to get a real long-travel proportional joystick again! And things that just don't work as well on consoles:

  • Flight Sims involving helicopters. DI's Apache Longbow and Hind were just amazing at the time. Jane's Apache was also good.

  • Another real Falcon game. Any flight sim would be good. F15 Strike Eagle 4 would be fine.

  • X online. Or something. Freelancer was close, but was let down by a boring travel mechanic.

  • Ultima 10. Don't care. Just want it. Same with Wing Commander, the Mark Hamill version, please.

  • A Mechwarrior that returns to simulation, that doesn't get the scale wrong (for eg, Mechwarrior 2 with virtual cockpit)

  • Another Deus Ex sequel, only not as small and spoon-fed. (Caaarn BioShock)

  • We haven't had a really good Star Wars sim for years. Meaning, since TIE Fighter. Carn Lucasarts.

  • Syndicate 3! And no 3D this time, thanks

Ya know, stuff we haven't seen for a good 10 years that was actually really good.

Meanwhile, I sit here, mouse doing laps of the screen, wondering what work to do next... No games to distract me makes Tristan a dull, haggard and ever-so-slightly* narky boy.

Comments (2)

  1. Craig T's personal fashion adviser says:

    Have you considered pastimes that extend beyond the darkness of your room?

    Contemplated REALLY flying? REALLY driving a race car? REALLY doing snow-boarding?

    sorry…  I’ll turn the light back off…

    The pizza will be here soon.

  2. Tristan K says:

    Well… no.

    You’ll note that Amped didn’t make the list. Nor did SSX.

    Perhaps you confused them for Apache and LHX?

    And as with most other things – if you can’t/won’t do them in real life, do them in a video game.

    Very few games are based on real life experiences available to the average punter (Max Payne, GTA, Battlefield 2, SWAT, Flight Simulator… catch my drift?)… sometimes, it’s enough to experience it virtually.

    Just imagine what I’d have to go through to become Max Payne, just for one day:

    1. Move to New York.

    2. Quickly ascend the ranks to become a detective on the Homicide squad.

    3. Have a loving wife that stumbled across a corporate dirty secret worth killing to protect.

    7. Monologue wherever possible, with comic-book art.

    8. Experience drug-addled flashbacks while running around with a gun.

    See, it’s just <i>impractical</i> to do that kind of thing in real life.

    Now go be a good boy and play some BF2. Hugs.

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