IE7 Preview 2: Out There Now

For the advanced users amongst us (and those that don't mind quirky software). Get it from here. Note: If it does something bad, I'm not responsible.

See also: Al's Quick IE7 Preview 2 FAQ.


Comments (2)

  1. William Morgan says:

    I tried to use IE-7 beta 2, but had a big problem. For some reason the log-in window of McAfee’s Pricacy Service had no data in it. It was a blank window with just the title bar. I could not access the internet because the privacy service had no place to enter the password. Also, the system restore would not work from help and support window, however I was able to retore system by going to list all programs and activing the program that way.

  2. Tristan K says:

    Hi William – thanks for mentioning the problem with the McAfee Privacy Service.

    I looked in the IE feedback newsgroup, and it looks like it’s a known problem.

    How to get feedback to the IE Team:

    The McAfee security centre problem:

    (short version: we’re working on it).

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