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Migrating to . And still so terrific that 3 of 4 readers rated it "soporific"

Merry New Year!

Well, another even-numbered year draws to a close. Hope everyone has a happy and safe new year. It’s an odd-numbered year coming up, so it’s obviously going to be fantastic (as are multiple-of-5 years). See y’all in 07! 🙂… Read more

Windows Vista FTW: Cleartype over RDP

One of the little things I love about Windows Vista is that I’m able to use the RDP client without The Jaggies. I use Consolas in Visual Studio and elsewhere, and as Jeff pointed out a while back, it’s just not built for non-Cleartype environments. I mostly use RDP on my home WLAN, but even… Read more

My First Tablet-ish PC

Back in 1998, I bought a Cassiopea Windows CE 2.0 Handheld PC. It was just under half the size of my current infatuation (the P1610) used a fold-out form factor with a 640×200 screen (CGA hi-res!) had a small and fiddly QWERTY calculator-key-style keyboard, used an awkward serial port connection, was as monochrome as a gameboy, and had a touch screen built in…. Read more

Windows Vista Performance on P1610

How does a half-size PC perform, you ask? Let’s find out what Windows Vista thinks of the setup: Original score: 2.0 {2.7,2.9,2.0,2.4,3.7} Re-test today: 2.4 {2.7,2.9,3.8,2.4,3.7} I wonder what was behind the jump in perf between Setup and now… perhaps it was just busy, or there’s been a driver update?… Read more

P1610 First Impressions

I got my Fujitsu P1610 Lifebook care of Hugo on Wednesday, and I have a rather long post on it coming (I know, I could do a bunch of shorter posts, but that’d wreck my quality-is-not-quantity posting metrics for the month!). For now, I’d just like to say that it’s the best laptop I’ve ever used for… Read more

Expression this, WPF that…

 The Expression series of designers have been refreshed, with free trials available for all. Now available in Expression Blend (formerly Expression Interactive Designer), Expression Design (nee Expression Graphic Designer) and Web (FrontPage), flavours and introducing the new Expression Media. Also on the design front, the brand-new WPF/E CTP shipped today (ish)! Grab the download and check it out. The… Read more

IE7 crashing on secure sites…

A colleague’s copy of IE7 on Windows XP was playing up today. When browsing secure sites (that’s https or ssl for the search engine crowd), IE would crash with a polite message offering to create a dump file. Otherwise, it was fine, but this was kinda annoying for banking purposes. This had been happening for… Read more

Xbox Live – Free Gold Weekend for Aussies

If you’ve got an Xbox and broadband but haven’t upgraded from Silver, give it a go! It’s free until 10pm Sunday. I’ve been playing Gears of War this week, and am *itching* to take it online, but my phone line decided to suddenly choke my ADSL connection on Sunday night, and Telstra didn’t get to fixing it this week…. Read more

Searching For A Better Notebook

Back from Fiji. The resort and the people were lovely, the snorkeling amazing, and I’m told the diving was pretty good too. Right back to business: I need some serious retail therapy. I went away with a powerful laptop I barely used (I actually set a personal record for “least PC use in a given week”,… Read more