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Dare Obasanjo: MetaWeblog API Now on MSN Spaces

From Dare: MSN or Windows Live Spaces is now postable from blogging tools, cunningly using the “secret word” technique rather than trying to bolt Passport into the scheme.

Our implementation of the MetaWeblog API for MSN Spaces is now publicly available. You can use the API to create, edit and delete blog posts on your space. The following blogging applications either currently work with our implementation of the MetaWeblog API or will in their next release

I use a private Space (eg, Contact list membership required) to keep my family abreast of what I’m doing in real life (so it’s very infrequently updated, chortle), but I dislike the email post method (for no obvious reason, except when I’m out and about with the email-only Smartphone), and I don’t like the inertia of browsing somewhere to create a new post. W.Bloggar it is, then…