Vocab Corner: Bing

Another wonderful word suggestion to add to your custom.dic, from the mind that brought you "Fnjorkel".

The Suggestion

IM has become ubiquitous, but there's no widely accepted way of easily saying "IM me" in a non-vendor-specific manner without using more than two syllables.

Therefore, I move that "bing" be used in place of any given term for "instant message".


Synonymous with "instant message".

verb: "Bing me!"
noun: "I got a bing from Dennis..."

The Rationale

Two-syllable words like "message" or "IM" or "MSN me" or "in Windows Live Messenger, double click me as a contact and then send me an instant message" are cumbersome and slow.

A commonly accepted verb meaning "to IM", such as "bing" would greatly enhance productivity and create a synergistic win/win opportunity for diversified consolidation.

Comments (5)

  1. Anonymous says:

    If elected I solemnly promise no further technical content until FY07.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Bing , you say? Odd, I’m sure I’ve heard it somewhere before … Wait! It was me!? I’d like to thank the

  3. Darryn says:

    I used to work with someone who insisted on calling them "pop-ups". I didn't know this. I couldn't understand why she was complaining that she wasn't getting any pop-ups. There was even a special toolbar in IE to block them.

  4. The Hon. Philip Courtney-ffrench says:

    "IM" is adequate, VERY widely used and understood. Most importantly, it's unambiguous. You're simply too late on this one. <Snaps photo of her underwear>

  5. Tristan K says:

    Dagnabbit. Y'all won't stop me, y'hear?

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