Serenity Good

Yes, Serenity good. Not perfect, but good.

There was something for everyone, from the Firefly crowd through to the average people I dragged along (not that they’re average people, you understand, but they hadn’t seen Firefly and weren’t necessarily Sci Fi people, see?)

But the story is far from over. The Reavers are now better-understood, but there’s so much more to cover, and I hope Mr Whedon gets a shot at it.

There’s a rule we enforce strictly in my social group at work: no spoilers until a week after opening. So please, no spoilers. Especially no mentions of you-know-what. But really, I mean, *sob*.

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  1. Jeff Atwood says:

    Yes, my friend, but have you seen… THIS?!?!

    Now featuring ultra-light weight *AND* back button. Which was a deal breaker for me with the older notebook mouse.

  2. Tristan K says:

    Ooh, and it’s got that TRON look too, doesn’t it? Or sporty, anyway.

    While I can’t say I’ve ever used the back button (intentionally) on any mouse that had one, I’m willing to take a chance.

    I didn’t like the "mushy" scroll wheel feel either… it feels like it’s sucking all the moisture from my fingertip (nay, arm!)… I’ll give it a try. Must give it a try. Suspend judgement.

  3. Jeff Atwood says:

    How do I know this? Our CEO is another weight-crazed mouser like you.

    Go figure.

    He uses the 2nd generation white optical MS mouse– the one with the symmetric silver side buttons on the right and left. I found this particular mouse incredibly annoying way back in 1999, personally, but he loves it. He said the MX518 was "too heavy", and I was er.. skeptical. So I did a quick weigh-in:

    Old-school white MS optical: 88g

    Logitech MX518: 118g

    That’s 25% lighter. Definitely the lightest full size optical mouse I’ve ever weighed. I also directed him to my blog post with all the other mouse weights.

    ALL wireless mice are out. That’s 50g for the battery alone, a minimum of ~150g.

    98% of modern optical wired mice are also out. They’re all over 106g.

    Unlike you, and like me, he needs a back button. That means most notebook wired mice are out too.

    Luckily there’s this new wired MS notebook mouse with a back button, otherwise he’d be stuck with that skanky old white mouse forever. Bleh.

    I am actually considering cracking open the MX518 to see what I can dremel out of it to lower its weight.

    God help me.

  4. Tristan K says:

    Linking your original weights post:

    I never tried the white mouse; I’d fallen in love with the Explorer at the time, and found the white one a bit less ergonomic.

    These days the Explorer feels a bit like driving a bus.

    Looking around, the Notebook Mouse 3000 isn’t available yet, dammit. I want to buy five, and see if drilling small holes is enough to further reduce the weight without compromising the feel (and sporty looks – an air-tex mouse).

    Er, at 3am, I got up and ordered a Wacom graphics tablet (small size) online. I’m still trying to remember why I though it was a good idea at the time, and how I can instantly recall my credit card number at that time of the morning. Wonder if there’s a cure for that.

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