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So terrific that 3 of 4 readers rated it "soporific"

So perhaps starting a sentence with "so" isn’t a bad thing?

Up until today, I was all for the casual throttling of anyone that started the response to a question with “so“. I was going to implement a “so jar” at my desk. All profits to the grammar police, natch. Q: What’s new in Windows Server 2003? A: So we took a focused look at compelling scenarios and… Read more

Today, I met Daniel Pearson…

…but I couldn’t quite place the name. Had he introduced himself as “dan at” I’d have known who he was instantly… guess I’m just thinking in email addresses or URLs these days! He’s even on the Aussie IT Pro blogger OPML, but nope, I had nothing! Dan wrote an excellent post on detecting memory leaks a… Read more

Scoble changed his URL!

Let’s see if he’s as vigilant as ever! 🙂 Hey Scoble! It’s been about two weeks since your blog switchover (old site). I’m interested: in really general terms (like, fractions are fine rather than absolute page views), what did changing your blog URL do for/to your stats?… Read more

Another Top Tip for Tech Interview Hopefuls

I’ll add one to Shifty’s list of Tips for Jobseekers: Accept All Changes before you hit Send. (Or just disable Track Changes before you start). If you don’t, just be prepared to answer seemingly psychic questions from your interviewer. And/or use the Document Scrub Tool (officially: the Office Remove Hidden Data Add-in)…. Read more

My Tablet PC: A Precision 650

I’m typing this entry on the same PC I use for my day-to-day work. It’s a Dell Precision 650 workstation, a full-tower system. Ever since I was small*, I’ve wanted a graphics tablet for a PC. Finally, the other day, I bought one: a Wacom Intuos3, small size. Now, I should add, I don’t actually have… Read more

Nvidia: You’re Really Annoying Me

The Nvidia DVD Decoder (now called Purevideo) store is back, and better than ever*. It only took three months more than originally promised, but that’s OK. I’d signed up for the “when we’re ready, we’ll email you” email from them. I got it last night. Dear Customer, Thank you for your previous interest in NVIDIA’s DVD… Read more

What’s He Up To?

It’s once again quite busy here. The Support biz locally tends to be cyclic – in the same sort of way as a wheel on a bicycle that’s repeatedly hit the kerb. And the wheels actively change shape while you ride on them. (And you’re on fire, and riding quickly through a hospital zone, being chased by helicopters and ninjas, and the… Read more

Engadget XBOX 360 Hands-On

Peter Rojas’ article here: My favourite part was the comments, though. And of them, this one made me laugh: 36. Posted Oct 11, 2005, 3:01 PM ET by Mu Catty My friend works for MS and he saw what Sony can do with the Cell processor. He almost died on the spot when he… Read more