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Migrating to . And still so terrific that 3 of 4 readers rated it "soporific" Operations on x64

The Microsoft.Com Operations blog just posted about their experiences moving from x86 to x64, most notably the increase in performance they achieved by doing this.

The numbers are compelling:

To give you a quick comparison:

X86 ASP  req/sec 7.85, Response time 244ms
X86 ISAPI req/sec 110.85, Response time 248ms
X86 Static req/sec 41.9, Response time 135ms
X86 Static (cached) req/sec 47.11 Response time 1ms

X64 ASP  req/sec 7.41, Response time 53ms
X64 ISAPI req/sec 125.43, Response time 18ms
X64 Static req/sec 31.01, Response time 3ms
X64 Static (cached) req/sec 54.51 Response time 1ms

And this is performance gained just by running a 32 bit application (ASP.Net 1.1) on x64, via the WOW64 emulation layer (WOW indeed!) 

Worth a read.