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IE6 Phishing Philter Phrom MSN

The MSN Search blog just announced that they’ve made available a Phishing Filter for IE6 (for XPSP2, says the site), as an MSN Toolbar Add-In.

I’ll be applying this to the PCs of all the over-40s that I know, including my Parental Units. Phishing scares me, on their behalf. I’ve been Phished at before. It makes me sad (and angry).

I’m using IE7 Beta 1 here at the office, so I have that Phishing Filter (there’s a drinking game there, I’m telling you) installed already, but just glancing at the MSN Toolbar Add-Ins page, I’d like to see more information on what’s sent to whom and where – the IE Blog went into more detail on the IE7 Philter (can I abbreviate it to that?), but it’s unclear whether it’s one and the same service, at least from the “glanceable” information on the add-ins page.