Dystopia Nears Release

One of the other GTSC guys popped up on the Friday over lunch at Tech.Ed, and told me I had to check out the Dystopia stand – cunningly incognito under the “MEDIA CASTING” pod banner.

I hopped over to have a look (holding my pants up on the way) and got the run through from Tim, one of the level developers, while a multiplayer demo recorded a couple of nights earlier was looping on the Alienware box in front of me.

In short: it looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun. There’s been a dearth of good cyberpunk games since… oh, Deus Ex (mentioned Invisible War to Tim: “Bad Console Port”), and that’s the void this new shooter is looking to fill.

There’s a “Real World” (evil corporate future world), in which the teams get to run around and shoot each other, and then the Cyberspace world, which requires that one of the real people is “jacked in” to complete a “hacking” objective, while also running around and shooting people, only there’s no there, there.

He dodged the question about why avatars were all female in cyberspace (I think it represents a latent feminine bias on the part of the artists) with some mutterances about androgyny and how “anyone could have those hips”.

The website puts the release at or around September 10 (~10am AEST).

I can’t wait to give the demo a try.

Update: Remembered factoid – I tried to sell the team on the idea of using my patented female computer voice voice (I like to add a breathless “with my body” to any technical instructions), but I don’t think they were as keen on it, on reflection. Pity.

Comments (3)

  1. tim grant says:

    Hey, no idea how i found your site, but i believe it was me (and I believe Lani our merch grrl was manning (womaning ?) the booth with me at the time, is this too large an area to have bracketed… im thinking yes.) that you demoed the female computer voice too, and i am really quite scared if any potential girlfriends ever say ‘with my body’ to me… because well frankly, it will freak me out.

  2. Tristan K says:

    Hi Tim!

    Yeah, that was you and Lani that I dented with my presence. Or should I say… "with my body"?

    If you know of any potential girlfriends that use the phrase "with my body" frequently, and you’re freaked out enough that you’d actually pass up the opportunity to let them demonstrate whatever it is they’d be doing, I know people that really go nuts over that sort of thing (er, not me, of course), so please feel free to forward their phone numbers.

  3. tim grant says:

    unless the wording is ‘im not letting you do anything with my body’, im gonna go ahead and keep the numbers to myself.

    k, thx

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