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So terrific that 3 of 4 readers rated it "soporific"

Tech.Ed AU 2005: Done and Dusted

Just got home and I thought I’d capture a quick reaction before it wore off:


Was that an intensely good Tech.Ed or what?

I ended up attending three sessions – that’s right, three (!) – because I was caught up discussing ISA Server, or Media Centre, or Windows Server or whatever with customers, and believe me when I say that I probably preferred it that way.

Some of the feedback I got was: Where were the ISA Sessions? By and large, there weren’t any other than Wayne’s ISA In SBS, and a couple of rave reviews from Steriley and Jesper’s sessions (which I didn’t manage to get to). It looks like there’s a lot of people that would like various levels of information on ISA Server – it’s not all been covered already!

I talked my figurative bum off (and nearly exposed it on a couple of occasions, for reasons to be disclosed in follow-up Tech.Ed Fallout posts), and hopefuly helped clarify a few issues for a fair few people.

More to follow when I’ve had a chance to recover, check out whether any photos worked on my newly-broken phone, and generally get back into the Sydney life. Thanks to all who came and chatted with me (and all the delegates either way) I hope you had a worthwhile time.