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Tech.Ed AU: Screen Scrapin’ RSS feed for Mediacasts Site

No RSS feed, yet, eh? Now ya do! I knocked up a quick script to take care of this niggling problem, and added it to my unofficial feed collection.

<enclosure>s aren’t implemented (or planned) in the unofficial version (hence it’s not really a cast yet as such), but I’m pretty sure they will be on the Real Thing (heck, with TPN involved, it’d be pretty odd *not* to have enclosures). When we get it done.

If/when the feed breaks, go look at the official site for the real thing. If the feed doesn’t break… well, I might just throw a notification item in there when the live feed’s up. Because that’s the kind of high-value nice guy I am*.

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[Update] Now we have real feeds! With Enclosures!