Strider HoneyMonkey (Gobsmack Fluoro Turbo Omega)

Man, I wish we could make our regular product names more exciting and a little less… you know. Boringly descriptive.

Luckily, we have MS Research, and it looks like they’re not only coming up with the naming goods, they’re going sploit trawling with their imaginatively named HoneyMonkey network.

Short version: Rather than set up a bunch of servers and wait for crack attempts, take a bunch of clients and go seek out servers that are waiting to attack.

Comments (6)

  1. Anonymous says:

    This looks cool.
    Almost like sending a bunch of children out into a bad neighbourhood and telling them to explore all the dark alleys they can find, and when they don’t return (or return somehow changed from when you saw them last), sending sli…

  2. Jonathan Hardwick says:

    I love that name – but what are they going to do for a logo? A picture of a monkey covered in honey?

  3. cstotes ( at ) says:

    Now if they’d release the software to the public then I could use it for doing my tests for my master’s thesis in CS. The software would be perfect for what I need!

  4. Tristan K says:

    Jonathan: I’d pay to see that on a Microsoft product! 🙂

    cstotes: It’s easy to make your own botnet! Just use VirtualPC – actually Virtual Server would be even better for the scriptability – and make a bunch of clients, then don’t patch them!

    That said, the cool part sounds like the sploit detection (which I assume is the Strider bit), and AFAIK, that’s not Out There at the moment.

  5. cstotes says:

    Well from what I’ve read the parts I’m really interested in are the data collection and reporting parts of their software. It sounds like everything is pretty much automated too. Plus it seems like they are somehow proactively going after exploits rather than sitting back and waiting. Maybe I can get ahold of someone on the team to see if I can use it but I expect that they probably won’t let anyone outside of MS have it.

    P.S. I’m more of a VMWare fan myself, plus their VMTN deal is insane (MS can’t compete with it).

  6. Tristan K says:

    c’mon, that’s the easy part, surely! Log to SQL, use SQL Reporting Services! (grin)

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