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On The Road in Brisbane

…For a few days. I think it’s been about 15 years since I was here last, maybe even more.

The taxi ride from the airport to the hotel here was fun, in the same way that being a World Rally Championship co-driver/navigator must be fun: the off-kilter wheel on the not-so-new taxi hit its resonant frequency at about 120km/h, and the intermittently grippy brakes helped us bounce and judder our way to a stop a few times, while the driver fought imagined slights away from a V6 Camry which seemed to be passive/aggressively boxing him out of wherever he’d randomly decided he wanted to be. So good fun.

The hotel (Stamford Plaza) has what I’m sure is probably a pretty good view of the river in the daytime, and the minibar isn’t outrageously expensive, but the Internet access is $25/day, and/or $10/hour. Making it likely that I’ll use just more than is cost-effective at any given moment, dammit (this message was pre-typed at 9pm, in preparation for a late Internet access purchase).

Still, I’m racing around the web, building content for the documents for the ISA Server Health Checks I’m delivering tomorrow and for the next few days… should be fun (I hope it’s fun).