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Calling all Aussie IT Pro Bloggers

OK, here’s an idea so simple I can’t believe I didn’t ask before.

I’ve been thinking a lot about why I’m excited to be in IT, and why I work where I do, and I realized that I probably have a very different set of reasons for being excited about my job than, say, an ops guy for a real company.

So, I want to learn about your experiences. What better way to do that than by reading your blogs?

The Proposed Solution

I’d like to build an OPML (or similar) list of Aussie Bloggers that are System Admins, Architects, Deployment Specialists, heck, whatever.

What’s the benefit to me (and MS)?

We get real insights into real issues affecting the local IT Landscape.

What’s the benefit to you?

Find and communicate with your peers!

A little more nebulously, you’ll know you’re being watched. I know, it might not sound like a particularly huge benefit (pass the tin foil hat), but if we’re listening to (inc. watching, spying or stalking) you, we’re going to use your feedback to improve!

Plus, linking IT pros to each other probably* increases everyone’s hit rates, and if you get paid based on that sort of thing (which I don’t, grumble grumble), that’s a Real Financial Incentive™ to build a community!

The Aussie .Net Developers have had it their way; time to get it your way.

So, if you:

  • Have a blog and blog about IT topics
  • Are Australian or service the Aussie region (and let’s include NZ)
  • Wouldn’t mind the odd smattering of additional traffic

Then drop me a comment on this post, or use my newly-re-enabled Contact page to drop me a line with the blog details, and I’ll get a-buildin’. And if you have friends in The Industry, let them know and spread the word! (and let me know, and I’ll add them).

‘course- if it’s Just A Bad Idea, tell me. Or, show me where I missed the already-existing one!

[Update] I’m having ISP issues with the OPML upload, but I’ll post the location as soon as it’s stable. In the meantime, keep pointing me to the Aussie IT Bloggers!