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Tristan’s On Holiday (shudder)

I’m off to Canada, and I’m faced with some Serious Travel Time (something like 11 hrs to Honolulu, 7 to Vancouver, 7 to Toronto, then driving to where we’re staying, then driving around the East coast), so I’m trying to work out what to take.

  • Zen Micro (which plays some of my new purchased WMAs and complains about the lack of a license for 80% of the others) or Muvo 1.5 (which plays all my new and existing purchased WMAs, only not as many, and hasn’t been the same since the “of course it’s drop proof” demonstration, resulting in the odd “remove the battery to skip that song” episode)

  • Game Boy Advance (do all aeroplanes have in-seat entertainment these days? If not, why not?) – or do I upgrade to DS for the one-off trip? Or buy a PSP and Wipeout when I’m there? (Both? Heard the battery life wasn’t really Long Haul).

  • Laptop? (If so, will it run GTA San Andreas? Will I need to go buy another copy of Vice City (which I know runs well, and which was a lot of fun, but I’ve somehow lost the discs for)… Are there any other single player games worth playing that run on a Radeon 9000?)

  • The Confusion, by Neal Stephenson – it’s a hard read, almost feels like edutaiment so far, but if time taken to read and re-read a single sentence is an indicator of value, it’s value loaded

  • Digital Camera? – the 5 year old 3 megapixel lump of metal is heavy and annoying, but I find most cameras annoying. I still want a reasonable-pixel camera, phone, MP3 and GPS in one for under $AUD300 (the last part is the killer)

  • Some sort of noise reduction headphones?

Decisions, decisions…