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Aussie MSN Maps: I’m Ashamed I Never Knew

I’ve never really been interested in maps, as such. They’re in the “nice to have when driving” category for me, 98% of the time.

On the subject, I’ve been a user of Whereis for many years, not knowing that there was an alternative for Australia. I knew about MapPoint as an API, but knowing of an API and having a usable interface is something quite different.

With the recent mapping hoo-hah, I’d just resigned myself to thinking that Australia will lag the other regions (the tyranny of being a small economy with a huge geography).

Well, thanks to Raymond, I know there’s an alternative, and it’s fast, pretty good, and the maps are resizable (the smaller streets become visible when the maps are zoomed). It’s MSN Maps. Give it a try!

Can’t wait for MSN’s Local Search beta to cover regions outside the US too…