Battlefield 2 Demo Friday?

 Hot on the heels of the Gone Gold announcement, The Kids claim that the Battlefield 2 demo should be out real soon. 

Thursday night for the Yanks and folk not in GMT+10, Friday for us, they say.

Thanks, Kids.


(A quick note on The Kids - The Kids are how the oldies (the over 30s) and I refer to the slathering masses of online 1337 d00ds whose reactions have not yet dulled to the point that they're considering a programming career for fun rather than getting constantly crushed online, who we try to emulate while hanging out in web forums.)

Comments (3)

  1. Anonymous says:

    TristanK has been playing BF2, and considers himself an uninformed expert.

  2. Jeff Atwood says:


    Holy crap, it’s good. Really good. Like "one of the best 5 PC games I’ve ever played, and I’ve only played the demo" good.

  3. Reverend Darkness says:

    It’s a shame that the demo only has one map. One of our clan members is a programmer for EA. He said that they expect BF2 to destroy records with its release. All I can say is damn! Now that I have played the demo, break out the AMEX!

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