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Trixie Rocks!

I hate to stir*, but when I caught the link to Trixie via Dare and Robert Scoble, I had to chuckle – I remember the Scobleizer on the AutoLink/Smart Tags debacle:

I hate SmartTags or things that change your content (or mine) by default in the Web browser. Adding links to my content without my control is not something that I can support. It is anti-Web, in my opinion.

And kids… guess what Trixie (and Greasemonkey, for that matter) does for you? As I argued last time round, I like the control.

So far, I’ve built form fillers, and I’m moving on to some “taggy” things next. Mmmm, tags. Automatic tags. On every site. Yum! (grin)

[Update 9 Jun] OK, so Trixie’s now been superseded