Trixie Rocks!

I hate to stir*, but when I caught the link to Trixie via Dare and Robert Scoble, I had to chuckle - I remember the Scobleizer on the AutoLink/Smart Tags debacle:

I hate SmartTags or things that change your content (or mine) by default in the Web browser. Adding links to my content without my control is not something that I can support. It is anti-Web, in my opinion.

And kids... guess what Trixie (and Greasemonkey, for that matter) does for you? As I argued last time round, I like the control.

So far, I've built form fillers, and I'm moving on to some "taggy" things next. Mmmm, tags. Automatic tags. On every site. Yum! (grin)


[Update 9 Jun] OK, so Trixie's now been superseded...

Comments (2)

  1. Heath Stewart says:

    Nice – so now the iexplore.exe process requires 20 MB+ of memory due to the CLR loaded into it. This would be better with a native COM add-in and would actually save the need to interop shdocvw.dll. To just enumerate the conditionally run scripts against the MSHTML DOM and WebBrowser automation interfaces it wouldn’t be that hard in native code.

  2. Tristan K says:

    I didn’t even notice. And now I’ve noticed, it hasn’t seemed to have affected me in any way so far.

    The functionality is – at least so far – worth it.

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