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The Unending Quest For Drivers

I’m still manually going round-robin on a bunch of sites offering drivers for X64 systems that don’t have RSS feeds (or DVD Decoder stores for that matter, are you listening Nvidia? Nope, it’s still due in exactly 30 days), and I’m thinking there has to be a better way.

I’ve been toying with the idea of setting up a bunch of self-maintained RSS feeds for drivers that I’m waiting on, so that others can share my wait with me. A nice, easy, hand-rolled RSS feed for each hardware device driver I’m interested in. Perhaps a feed for Beta drivers and a feed for WHQL drivers for each device, if applicable. An aggregate feed – or even custom aggregate feeds – that could be consumed by a feed reader or a little toast application that could eagerly throw little pieces of tasty drivery hot bread to the user. Well, links to download pages, anyway.

I wonder about community participation in a project like that – assuming some brave headkicker sorted out the categorization and aggregation of feeds, could (would?) a community be able to maintain those feeds, Wiki-style, or is the potential for ‘sploits just too huge? I think so.

So it probably won’t scale, and it probably won’t work well, but that’s what I’m nearly annoyed enough to try doing for now. I just need to work out how to make it easy for myself to do it, and whether there’s actually some value to it.

/me shrugs.