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XBox 360 Announced

Pretty good coverage on the Xbox 360 launch so far, especially the blurb from TeamXBox. I was particularly interested in the new baby being liquid cooled from their tech-focused article. Nice.

The wireless controllers were mentioned as using the infrared receiver, but considering the Xbox Live headset plugs into the controller, I’m guessing that might not be quite right (maybe I read it wrong).

I’m really excited by the ubiquity of Live, and I’m looking forward to getting one. And PGR3. Mmm. Oh, and output options weren’t covered in detail, but I still want a semi-intelligent DVI adapter for it, please Mr Allard!

I personally didn’t find the MTV spot as exciting or compelling as the writeups appearing on the web – but I don’t think I was really the target audience.

Doesn’t matter – I’m getting one. That simple.

[Update] Greg Hughes links to a more concise video from OurColony.

[Anotherupdate] Oh – and did I see right that what looked like a MechWarrior game was billed as being Quake 4?

[YetAnotherUpdate] XBox 360 Spec Sheet is now available, makes for an interesting read.

[LabouringTheJoke] JayBlog has a neat little thread’o’speculation.