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Games on X64 Update

Here’s how it is:

[Update: The 64-bit Far Cry patches are now available from the link below – a 400MB game patch, *plus* a 400MB content pack for 64-bit systems. Got Bandwidth?]

I was going to post about my agonizing decision to install a 32 bit OS on another drive at home, but while going back over some of the links, it turns out that the x64 gaming situation is looking better than it was 10 minutes ago.

Far Cry for AMD64 – that’s the signup site referred to by US AMD site, I don’t know of an actual download location yet – looks to be nigh-on released, due today says Anand, in his Anandtech 32 vs 64 comparison! That’ll be the fourth native Windows x64 game released/patched.

HardOCP produced a comparison of gaming performance between x64 and x86 – also noting Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory still doesn’t run:

As you can see, the error we got above when trying to launch the game was “This application can be launched with a release version of Microsoft Windows 95 OSR2.1/98/ME/NT 4.0/2000/XP/Server 2003 only.”

We searched Ubisoft’s knowledgebase, their web site, and the readme for the game, but found no mention of support or problems with Windows XP Pro x64 Edition.


Pasted from <>

…perhaps because Ubisoft don’t know there’s a problem.

Which reminds me – “unWOW64” doesn’t seem to have caught on yet – hey Bob, help me out here! [:)]

The Splinter Cell situation makes me sad, because I played the Splinter Cell Chaos Theory demo from start to finish last night, and it was good. But I can’t buy the full game, because it won’t work. Yet. Bwah. Maybe soon.

Also of possible note for the Aussies, Bigpond GameNow launched recently, an online rental service for games; Tech Support haven’t yet confirmed or denied x64 support, but based on my brief testing, it doesn’t work yet. A pity, as the game selection is pretty good (mostly “modern classics”, I’d call them, along with a few turnips too).