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How To Run A Soccer Team Site?

I have a problem.

My girlfriend has started playing soccer in a womens’ (always unsure where that apostrophe belongs) soccer team. I was pointed to as someone that could make them a website. While I probably could, I’m looking for some kind of off-the-shelf solution, so that a) I don’t have to host it on my pitiful 16k upstream pipe and b) I don’t have to write, beautify and support it.

If the team were a work thing, I’d have no problem – Sharepoint does pretty much everything I want to neatly, has easy setup, etc. But it’s not a work thing, and I don’t think Sharepoint does Passport, and doesn’t have an account request capability built in (meaning I’d have to ask people to email someone (like me) to ask for a user account, which would then need to be created, and so on), but still has the best content prospects available, so I might invest some time in looking into a more automated account provisioning system.

So here’s what I’m looking for – does anyone have a particular favourite that can do this?


  • Anonymously browsable All-In-One Portal Page: Next X events, last match reports/announcements.
  • Event calendar for matches and social occasions.
  • Match reports/Announcements (a blog where anyone can author/edit).
  • Pictures! (how could I forget?)
  • Must Be Able To Survive Without Me (eg, knowledgable user gets hit by bus must not be game over) (added after Mykre’s comment, the original seemed to get lost somewhere in cache land).


  • Some sort of team bio pages with contact details (with Authentication of some description; if personal information is going to be published, some level of authentication should be required).
  • Web-based discussion
  • Calendar integration with Outlook (OK, that’s really just for me…) 🙂
  • Modem friendly
  • Automated / third-party account signup/validation

Any suggestions?

Yours prostratedly,