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Aussies! Job! Here! Fun**!

A relaxed and happy work environment.I was burbling some copy together for a possible job ad, and figured I’d post it here.

Like to work at the bleeding edge of technology? Able to bring order to chaos? Enjoy complex problem-solving?

If you’ve put out all the fires in your IT infrastructure and are left wondering where all the interesting work has gone, and you’re only working on one major project every six months (plus the odd application failure), we might just have a role you can relish.

The Microsoft Global Technical Support Centre in Sydney (part of the Asia-Pacific GTSC) provides top-tier support to Microsoft customers and partners. We’re the people the Technical Architects and Consultants call when things aren’t working. Top-level server (and to an extent desktop) support staff escalate issues to us. We’re never short of challenges, and everyone learns something new – every single day.

We are currently looking for Support Professionals with strong troubleshooting skills in the Windows Platform and related technologies, like AD (including GP), ADAM, ADS, CA/PKI, DNS, DHCP, FPS, RIS, WINS, IAS, RRAS, NLB, MSCS, TS + TSL, WM. You won’t need to know it all at once, but you’ll need to be able to pick things up reasonably quickly. You’ll have smart people there to help you.

Some coding and/or debugging experience is useful, but not mandatory.

A passion for technology is a must.

Our immediate recruiting is focused on six month contract roles, with extensions possible. For the right candidate with the right skills, a permanent role may be considered.

We are located in North Ryde, NSW and our office hours are 7am till 8pm.
Limited customer site visits may also be necessary. You must be an Australian resident or have a current working visa.

If you want to join the team that values people who value customers whilst updating your own skills, contact us now.


** No warranty is offered as to the fun-ness of the role, expressed or implied. Nerf rockets may be used as a disciplinary measure. Yes, I have a picture of BrianV on my wall.