Doctor Who and Dirk Gently

I was browsing through the Doctor Who site, inspired because ABC (Australia) are working through all the episodes 4 nights a week at the moment; we're in the Tom Baker years.

Douglas Adams was a script editor and author during this period, but the mention of this unfinished story grabbed me with the details: I ran across a mention of Shada in the plot guide for The Five Doctors, and it rang a glockenspiel-full of bells.

A professor Chronotis, at St Cedd's in Cambridge, you say? Reg, an elderly time lord, you say? A room that seems able to appear midway up a sofa-retentive staircase...?

Puts a whole new spin on Dirk Gently's as a Doctor Who novel. Sort of. A bit.

Anyway, I really enjoyed both Dirk novels the first time through, and will enjoy reading them again. I love that about Adams' work - you forget all the subtle little bits that make it not just funny, but downright weird. Increases replay value, as they say in the Games Biz.

(As usual, I did the web searching after the post, and everyone already put this together a million times - plus the City of Death plotline that I hadn't yet stumbled across - but hey, it's new for me, and you're welcome to suffer vicariously through me).

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  1. Jeff Atwood says:

    Let me first apologize because I’m gonna post this to the wrong entry. It appears that the one I want to post to is comment-locked by The Man:

    Ok, so, on Mice. I’m with you– heavy mice suck. Wireless mice are the worst for this, and I regret suckering myself into buying that MX1000 laser* mouse. It’s cool, but also approximately one metric ton.

    I have switched back to wired, and specifically this mouse:

    The logitech MX518. OK, first, it looks cool. Yes. But I owned the MX510 prior to this for my LAN rig, and I liked the layout. The other really killer feature is that you can use those previously useless buttons above and below the scroll wheel for something actually.. useful. They adjust the sensitivity from 400, 800, to 1600 dpi on the fly. This is surprisingly handy, as it doesn’t involve a trip into the control panel, mouse dialog or even a hotkey of any kind.

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  2. Tristan K says:

    My girlfriend has the Wireless Optical Notebook Mouse, and swears by it; I tried it briefly and swore *at* it instead – too heavy. And I’m suspicious of the dongle approach.

    The Battery weight is not cool – until they can run on a single AAA (or better, kinetic energy) for six months, I’m not really interested in a wireless mouse. I can’t go back. 🙁

    Actually, I’m 😀 about the optical notebook mouse, so it’s not so much 🙁 as <:| .

  3. Jeff Atwood says:

    I just weighed my MX518 since I happen to have a postal scale handy (don’t ask). It’s 110g.

    According to this page:

    The microsoft notebook mouse is 50g. Dunno if that’s close enough for you or not. I do like my MS wireless notebook mouse, but the lack of the thumb buttons, which I use all the time for ‘back’, would /eventually/ be a showstopper for me.

  4. Jeff Atwood says:

    The postal scale says the MX1000, for comparison, is 168g. Which is odd because I would swear it was much heaver by feel.

  5. Jeff Atwood says:

    The MS wireless notebook mouse with battery:


    without battery


    Note: I am not a freakish obsessive. I just play one on teh intarweb.

  6. Tristan K says:

    Jeff, just… put down the scales… slowly. I’m going to put down my scales over here. See? Now I’m unscaled. Now I just need you… to give me… your scales…

    Wonder if the mouse skates have much to do with perceived weight… My cubemate bought some special mouse skatin’ tape, and it actually seemed to increase the friction from the hard plastic feet, rather than slippity.

    I like having a supermodel mouse. Wonder if I can remove part of the casing and make it lighter.

    Oh, and "Back" button? I haven’t needed one since I started using a tabbed browser! Everything’s a new tab, or closed. To go back, I’d need a tab tree, none of this 2D bunk!

  7. Jeff Atwood says:

    > My cubemate bought some special mouse skatin’ tape

    That tape eventually wears through and becomes sticky and nasty. *NOT* recommended. Tried it twice with the same bad results each time.

    I have more hope for the mouse wax drops; at least when they inevitably wear off they don’t make the feet sticky and nasty.

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