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.Net 2.0 Beta 2 Install – It’s not over ’til it’s over

I just installed the .Net Framework 2.0 Beta 2 runtime on my home x64 box, so that I could again run my happy little .Net utilities with 64 bit power.

I’ve really, really been missing PasteOff – notice the lack of pics recently?

Anyway, after the wizard had registered everything and presented its little Finish button, I’d clicked Finish and then been faced with a period of sluggish performance from other apps.

Checking Task Manager showed that it was MSCORSVW.exe chewing 99% CPU time and memory, but not a huge amount of IO (at what I assume was Normal priority, I didn’t bother checking), and this went on for about 2 minutes after the installer had gone away. Then, it stopped, the * 32 version had a quick spike for a few seconds, and all is now normal. Or so it seems.

MSCOR* looks like a .Net framework name, and sure enough at the top of the Administrative Tools, Services list was the .Net Runtime Optimization Service 2.0 x64 and x86 services, alive and Started.

Anyway, back to work…