Ooh, MSN Messenger 7.0 is out

Noticed on ActiveWin that MSN Messenger 7.0 is out now.

IMO, the coolest feature is the MSN Spaces integration. I could live without Winks, and Nudges are politely but firmly disabled, but the Spaces-driven contact cards and gleams are a great feature.

...And one night away from Newsgator and I'm behind the times. Dare mentions Messenger and also that MSN Spaces is now out of beta too, and Mike Torres covers some of the other new Spaces goodness. Yummy.

Comments (2)

  1. Darryn says:

    I half agree with you. The Spaces integration IS cool, but why do I have to wait 2 seconds for a contact card to come up when all I use it for is clicking the Space link? I just want right click, "View contact’s space".

  2. Tristan K says:

    I’m with you, it’s something I suggested a while back.

    I’ve had problems with Spaces contact cards historically, and the new version seems to have similar issues to the old. Time to trash that Appdata folder again…

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