ISA 2004 Standard Edition SP1 Available Now

(When it rains, it pours...)

The first Service Pack for Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2004 is now available for download.

Get it here:

Comments (4)

  1. eddy_mut says:

    After installing sp1 and rebooting i have message in system log:

    Source: TermService

    Code: 1036

    Terminal server session creation failed. The relevant status code was 0x2740.

    And trying to connect RDP failed. Again rebooting does not take effect. What i do wrong?

  2. Tristank says:

    That error code maps to a Winsock error (WSAEADDRINUSE) that typically means that the port the application is trying to bind to is already in use.

    My guess is that your ISA configuration is trying to server publish something on port 3389, and gets there before TermService does (it’s also possible that other applications are trying to bind 3389 – say, if IIS had been reconfigured to use port 3389, you’d expect a similar message).

    If I recall, ISA 2004 SP1 didn’t need a reboot for me, so it’s more likely that whatever changed changed incidentally before SP1 was applied, and didn’t cause the problem until the box was rebooted.

    Hope that helps – if you’re still stuck, I’d give PSS a call so we can help you work through the issue directly.

  3. SOlson says:

    Port 3389 is default port for Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) used by Terminal Services and Remote Desktop Access (WinXP, Win2003). My guess is that you are trying to publish Terminal Services and Terminal Services/Remote Access is also running on your ISA server.

  4. mike says:

    The SP1 installed asked me for a reboot as well.

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