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“Buttering” Onesself with MSN Search?

The verb form of “Google” seems to have become the commonly accepted form of “searching using Google”:

“I googled myself today…”, “I’m googling it…”, “Google me!”, “Go And Get Googled” (when someone asks a question verbally using only search terms – eg “Hey Tristan! ISA Web Publishing SSL?”)

I’ve (just today) switched my default Maxthon search service over to MSN Search, and I’m finding it’s definitely on the “good” side of usable, a marked improvement from even a month ago.

The dastardly, complex problem I’m having now is that while the word “Google” lends itself neatly to being verbified* (if nobody claims that word, it’s mine), “MSN Search” doesn’t.

As it’s “Better with the Butterfly”, I’m considering the following alternatives for the above:

  1. I butterflied myself today…
  2. I’m buttering it…
  3. Butter me up!
  4. Go And Cover Yourself In Butter, Then Ask Again
  5. Cholesterol This!

Got any better suggestions for a verbiated* form of MSN Search?