About The Colour

I'll freely admit that I've never been particularly gifted at website design (though I'm an excellent critic), and since changing the background colour from a subtle pink to a raging gold, well, there have been... complaints. Well, one complainant, anyway, but he complains a lot.

If you have a suggestion for a better background colour (I'm tired of the pink, but like the gold, but if it doesn't work... what does?), I'm 48% ears.

Update: On second thought, I refuse to pander to the vocal minority (though Jeff's Ninja Power Black was a good suggestion, it didn't fit).

If you're one of those folk that are never happy and would like to play dress-up with my site, I added a <link> that allows you to add a file to the root of C drive on your computer called "Iamneverhappy.css", in which you should be able to override any of my dubious design decisions, while acting as a prominent signpost for any other computer users. For example:

   body{ background-color: black;}

If you're looking for inspiration, try Dulux (or perhaps a mild hallucinogen).

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  1. Jeff Atwood says:


    * real ultimate power

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