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Apple Cinema Display Saga: I Upgraded And Text Mode Now Works

Since August, I’ve had to use a second monitor to view full-screen Text-mode (like the BIOS and DOS apps, or Text-mode setup for that matter).

This year, I was once again faced with the problem of my favourite online retailers closing over the Christmas break, which only increased the desire to upgrade. As soon as it wasn’t an option, it was an irresistable option. This happens – I kid you not – every year.

Long story shorter, I’m now the proud owner of an Athlon 64 3500+, an Asus A8N-SLI (non-deluxe) motherboard, and a PCI Express Gigabyte NX66T128VP Geforce 6600 GT (hopefully to be joined by a sibling for some hot SLI action… soonish…), and am immensely happy to report that the BIOS, full-screen CMD prompt and boot screens are now all visible. So for those of you that had the same problem way back then, I found that this combo works fine (your mileage may vary).

Now I just have to wait for the RTM of XP x64. Plenty of time for testing Doom 3. And Far Cry. And Joint Ops. And Riddick. Mmm. Graphicky.