It’s ISA Webcast Week

I barely need to mention this, but in case you missed it, ISA Webcast Week has started.

I'm in the category "timezone challenged" (Australian Eastern), so I'll probably wait for the on-demand versions, but if you're up and vaguely coherent at the times they're playing, why not watch one or two?

Comments (1)

  1. Mark Stine says:

    I had a comment about the TSWeb with Ports area but could not post anything there. I have downloaded the modified web page that you posted there and I have only one issue with it. When it loads on XP SP2 I get an error that states…

    Internet Explorer has blocked this site from using an ActiveX control in an unsafe manner. As a resutlt, this page may not display correctly.

    I already had the ActiveX control installed on my test workstation so continued to work but the control will not be distributed to my clients this way.

    Any chance you could review and update this sample page to work with XPSP2?



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