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Microsoft Windows AntiSpyware Beta 1

Just in case you haven’t heard it a billion times already (if you have – sorry, but I think this is worth covering again) – we just released the first beta of our upcoming Anti-Spyware product.

The interface is pleasant enough, and it caught a bunch of files from applications on my home PC that I’d forgotten about, and might not have cleaned up otherwise.

The beta is a free download – the website is here, and the newsgroups for support and discussion are here.

As far as I’m aware, this is a consumer-focused beta, not so much a corporate one, and I’ll be trying it out on my parents.

I’ve found the real-time protection to be quite interesting – I was “toasted” (you know, a little toast notification thingie popped up) when a program tried to add itself to the Run key in the registry during setup, and as it turned out, I didn’t want that, so I just disallowed it. Nice, simple.

My own little feature request is that the nightly scan results window should only pop up if something bad was found, not if the situation is normal.