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Migrating to . And still so terrific that 3 of 4 readers rated it "soporific"

At The Beach

I’ll be without connectivity on and off for a while, so stone tablet production at this location is likely to halt until mid-January. To all three loyal readers (plus the surprisingly attentive bot net) – thanks for your comments, feedback and general lunacy, have a happy and safe Christmas and New Year, (or whatever bots celebrate at this time of… Read more

Slow DNS = Slow Proxy (or: How To Skip Name Resolution)

Today’s tip: When your rules require any degree of name resolution (which typically means that an access, routing or publishing rule is filtered by some kind of computer or domain set), you’re a slave to the speed of DNS’ response, at least until the response is cached. ISA Server 2000 and ISA Server 2004 require DNS resolution for… Read more

ISA Server and RADIUS: Two Domains And No Trust, But This Time ISA’s A Member Of One

Following on from yesterday’s post where the ISA Server wasn’t a member of either domain, this time we’re looking at how you’d configure a more seamless (eg, not prompted for credentials left and right) experience for the users in Domain A, while making the poor users in DomainB provide their credentials every time they tried… Read more

ISA Server and RADIUS: Two Domains And No Trust

A question from Ashok: I’ve been trying to find out if one can use RADIUS to authenticate web proxy clients on another domain that is not a member of ISA domain. So I have an ISA 2004 Std with SP1 on domain A, say, and then have another internal network which connects to domain B. The question… Read more

Dare Obasanjo: MetaWeblog API Now on MSN Spaces

From Dare: MSN or Windows Live Spaces is now postable from blogging tools, cunningly using the “secret word” technique rather than trying to bolt Passport into the scheme. Our implementation of the MetaWeblog API for MSN Spaces is now publicly available. You can use the API to create, edit and delete blog posts on your space. The… Read more

ISABPA: The ISA Server Best Practices Analyzer

The ISA Server team released the ISA Server 2004 Best Practices Analyzer! There’s an exclamation mark because it’s cool! OverviewThe ISA Server Best Practices Analyzer is a diagnostic tool that automatically performs specific tests on configuration data collected on the local ISA Server 2004 computer from the ISA Server hierarchy of administration COM objects, Windows… Read more

Vocab Corner: Bing

Another wonderful word suggestion to add to your custom.dic, from the mind that brought you “Fnjorkel“. The SuggestionIM has become ubiquitous, but there’s no widely accepted way of easily saying “IM me” in a non-vendor-specific manner without using more than two syllables.Therefore, I move that “bing” be used in place of any given term for… Read more

Delegation, Delegation, Delegation, Delegation

If I had a buck for every time someone came to me with a problem accessing their SQL Server from a website (in Windows authentication mode, not SQL authentication, naturally), I’d have about four bucks. That’s good, because I’m not meant to be the go-to guy for SQL Server access from IIS instances. If I… Read more

ISA 2004 EE: UnicastInterHostCommSupport is enabled by ISA

Quickie: When used to configure NLB for an array, ISA Server 2004 Enterprise Edition enables the NLB parameter UnicastInterHostCommSupport, available in Windows Server 2003 SP1 and later. This means that all other things being equal (eg, your rule set permitting it), two unicast hosts with NLB enabled should be able to chat using their dedicated… Read more