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Migrating to . And still so terrific that 3 of 4 readers rated it "soporific"

The Death Of Favourites (an Ode to OneNote)

Finally, one of the banes of my existence is going away.   No, “Favorites” aren’t disappearing from Internet Explorer (er, not that I know of, anyway), but I just noticed that my browsing experience had been greatly streamlined. By using Favourites. Which is surprising to me, because normally, I’m flat-out scared to open the list…. Read more

ISA 2004: RTM Now On!

Yep, Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2004 information is now becoming available on   ISA 2004 incorporates much of the feedback that the ISA community had about ISA 2000, and – so far for me at least – is just as reliable and ten times more configurable. What’s new? Lots. A word of warning –… Read more

Communities Blog Portal Now Open! With Keyword RSS Feeds!   Coolest feature: the ability to fashion a keyword/category query into an RSS feed across all Microsoft blogs. If you’re only interested in certain things (and personalities be damned!), you can sign up for the keyword feed. (And if you’re really serious about losing personality, try running it through a text-to-speech program afterwards, or removing… Read more

First Impressions of Visual C# Express: Wow!

I downloaded Visual C# 2005 Express (beta) and installed it yesterday, but didn’t have much time to fiddle, until today. I’ve spent about 20 minutes with it so far.   Before I get to the good, the ordinary:   The “has it hung? What’s wrong” part of the installation. Yes, it seemed to have hung, no,… Read more

ISA 2000: Handling Apps That Don’t Like Proxy Authentication

Quite often, we’re faced with a situation where an application has its own Web Proxy client mechanism, and that mechanism has various issues, like: It doesn’t support NTLM authentication, and only NTLM is enabled on the ISA Server It doesn’t support more than one Proxy-Authenticate header It doesn’t support proxy authentication at all (a 407… Read more

An MSN Messenger Update…

Which thoughtfully reset my painstakingly reconfigured emotional-blackmail-free Messenger sound scheme. Still, at least I’ve a simple solution these days.   I upgraded while Novaworld (appeared to be/was) down for the last few minutes, while waiting to play Joint Operations again. It’s a lot of fun, don’t be put off by the website. Fingers crossed for a standalone… Read more

ISA 2000: Script for Bigpond Cable Heartbeat

If you’re not on the Australian Telstra Bigpond Cable network, you don’t need this.   Update: Since 2007 (or maybe before; I lost track), Bigpond moved away from their heartbeat, instead using cable modem authentication. So, no need for this any more. W00p! 🙂   This is a script I wrote a long while back… Read more

More Fiddling: Emotion-Free (quiet!) MSN Messenger Sound Scheme

After migrating to a new user profile (easiest way to make a clean start and work out what I actually need on my desktop), I remembered one of my pet annoyances: MSN Messenger (and/or Windows Messenger) sounds like an ice cream van when it’s installed. Contacts happily bling online, messages make optimistic bleeps for attention, and alerts… Read more

Pointless Fiddling: XML Deserialization vs DataSets

I was tinkering with one of my pet .Net 1.1 applications this evening (“They’re my friends. I make them. I make my friends!“) – I figured I’d try to get the hang of XML Serialization by trying to deserialize a SQL Reporting Services report. The reports are very useful for amateur dabblers like me, as they have an… Read more