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Migrating to . And still so terrific that 3 of 4 readers rated it "soporific"

ISA 2004: Configuring RADIUS (IAS) Authentication for OWA/Web Publishing

Note: This is a mildly edited dump of my OneNote page on getting RADIUS authentication configured for a standard HTTP connection through ISA Server 2004, with Basic Delegation enabled (so that you authenticate once for ISA’s rules, and the same credentials are used to the back end server. It assumes you’re starting with an ABSOLUTELY PRISTINE… Read more

TechEd 2004: Tristank’s Quick Summary

So, Aussie Tech Ed 2004 in sunny (but wintry) Canberra is over. I can’t wait for next year! I’d volunteered to answer questions at the Just Ask Microsoft stands, and had a great time talking with our customers, MVPs and other Microsoft folk about Windows, ISA Server and our Support Offerings. It was really good to meet you – some… Read more

Running Least-Privilege: Quick’n’Dirty RunAs Batch File

This is just a quick CMD file that automates some frequently-used manual steps that I perform when running as a regular user – I have it saved as RNAS.CMD in my Documents and Settings\TristanK folder (as that’s where CMD defaults to for me). @echo offif “%1” == “” goto Defaultrunas /user:MyMachine\LocalAdmin %*goto End:Defaultrunas /user:MyMachine\LocalAdmin “CMD.exe /K \”CD /D… Read more

Rob Hensing on Passphrases

All I can say about Rob is that he’s in the PSS Security team got a lot of security-related troubleshooting experience got some crazy theories about passwords an engaging and sincere speaker I had the privilege of meeting Rob on his recent trip to Australia, it was good to put a face to the name. He’s… Read more

Proposal: Namespace Operator Pronunciation – :: = "blup blup"

So – does the Namespace operator (and IPV6 address separator) have a specific phonetic pronunciation? Something onomatopeic? “Colon colon” suffers from having too many syllables. If there’s no generally accepted practice, I submit that whenever “::” needs to be vocalized, it should be pronounced “blup blup”, (and correspondingly, that the colon be pronounced “blup”). Enunciation is frowned… Read more

XmlHttp, WinHttp, Cookie-based Auth and Too Much Coffee

I had a couple of cups of coffee with dinner last night, and ended up perched in front of my PC, unable to sleep, and unable to solve a problem involving XMLHTTP and (as it turns out) cookies. As a long-time Bigpond Cable user at home, I was interested in Darryn’s scripts for BPA Usage… Read more

I’d Really Like Better Messenger Integration with IE

I’ve officially declared Friday to be Browser Fiddling day. Overnight, I tried out Slim Browser and Maxthon (MyIE2) – thanks to Brad C’s comments, they both: allow middle-click-open-in-new-window-in-background have tabs that can be closed by double-clicking have their “search from the address bar when a hostname is typed” option disabled have a cool-looking default skin that… Read more

More on How I Work (and Lookout’s now available!)

[Updated 23/07/04 with public Lookout download] A couple of people internally and externally asked about a couple of aspects of the array of software I use to do my job, so I thought I’d expand on it.   As a Support Professional, my key tasks involve information retrieval, evaluation and dissemination. I have an array of software configured… Read more