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Migrating to . And still so terrific that 3 of 4 readers rated it "soporific"

PC Games Widescreen Report Card

The Wide Screen Report Card I’m working through my vaguely-current catalogue of games to work out what works well in widescreen (nice alliteration there), and document any tweaks required, if I find them. Test System: Athlon XP 2800+Abit AN7, 1GB RAMATI Radeon 9800 non-Pro 128MBApple Cinema Display 20″ LCD (the 2004 model). I have Scale… Read more

Sydney Visual FoxPro User Group Meeting…

Doing something different today: I was the Microsoft Warm Body (an official title*) for the Sydney Visual FoxPro User Group meeting at the Microsoft building, as regular host and (alleged) FoxPro user A Coat was out of town- in Redmond as it turns out, not sunny Queensland like Frank! It seemed to go pretty well. The selection of… Read more

Updated Comment Policy

After some well-meaning survey spam, I’ve needed to re-examine my blog comment policy. So, severely off-topic comments (relative to the post subject) may be Moderated. ( I love euphemisms like “Moderated”, when what I really mean is “Annihilated” ). If you’ve a non-commercial survey about blogging you’d like to encourage people to do it, this is probably the post… Read more

Blog Comment Policy

I’m in favour of open comments on my blog. Usually, I receive “real” comments outweighing the spam by about 10 to 1, which I can deal with. I’m leaving automatic moderation disabled for the time being, but I’ll “moderate” comments that… Don’t relate to the subject matter of the post Are obviously comment/link spam Don’t pass… Read more

Publishing RDP (Terminal Servers, XP Remote Desktop) with TSWeb (and ISA 2004)

My last post on TSWeb (aka TSAC or Remote Desktop Web Connection) continues to be one of my most-hit blogs, so I spent a little time working with the TSWeb default connection page to try to simplify some of the bits that people were asking about. The aforementioned post describes how it works – this… Read more

ISA 2004: New-Style Log Filtering and Export

I covered how I usually end up filtering ISA 2000 logs in a previous post. With ISA 2004, the game’s changed! By default, ISA will log to a local MSDE instance, and the new MMC includes a Monitoring section that includes all sorts of useful information, including the new Logging interface. (You can set ISA… Read more

ISA 2004: User Mappings and Failed VPN Connections

I was working with a customer troubleshooting a VPN connection problem last night. The short version is: If you’re seeing VPN Connections fail for no obvious reason, check to see if you have User Mapping enabled in the ISA VPN properties. It’s described as a feature that lets non-Windows users be mapped to Windows user groups,… Read more

Comments: Sorry, the evaluation period for this blog has expired!

The new site comment policy that’s meant to fight comment spam is a global setting to disable comments on all blogs 30 days from publication (if comments are enabled). Low-spam-hit-volume Microsoft bloggers slightly miffed at this turn of events have been assured that the setting will sometime become a per-user preference. Here’s hoping it’s sooner rather than later…. Read more

XPSP2: How To Detect IE6 for SP2

A quick note that’s becoming something of an internal FAQ – the information below is from MSDN. Detecting Internet Explorer in SP2You can use window.navigator.userAgent to detect if the browser connecting to your site is Internet Explorer in SP2.var g_fIsSP2 = false;function browserVersion(){  g_fIsSP2 = (window.navigator.userAgent.indexOf(“SV1”) != -1);  if (g_fIsSP2)    {      //This browser is Internet… Read more

ISA 2004: Why RADIUS Authentication is Cool

One of the coolest new features available with ISA 2004 is RADIUS authentication for Web Publishing rules. So, why is this a big deal? Why is this even necessary? Here’s the list off the top of my head: ISA no longer needs to be a domain member to authenticate clients in authenticated Web Publishing scenarios If… Read more