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Migrating to . And still so terrific that 3 of 4 readers rated it "soporific"

Rebuilding the Mighty Mighty Desktop

After one alpha too many, I’d left my primary desktop in what I can only describe as an “indeterminate state”, and earlier this week, Things Stopped Working. This is pretty much the same installation I’ve been using since I started here about three years ago. My Desktop was a dumping ground for work-that-was-once-in-progress, My Documents… Read more

Outlook Calendar Adapter 1.1 for Blogwave

Working from the to do list at the original post, and desperately trying to avoid working on my terrible remote desktop switcher, I’ve updated the pseudo-terrible calendar adapter. Major New Features: Prettier icon, using the BlogWave Dynamic Wave Device*. Minor New Features: Ability to pick a specific calendar folder to publish. This is cool for many reasons, not… Read more

Fiddling: Outlook Calendar Adapter for Blogwave 0.3

Seeing as Addy was kind enough to include sample adapter code with BlogWave 0.3, my immediate thought was that a Calendar might be cool. Can o’ worms, that. I fiddled with this for the last few nights, and I think I’ve hit the 80/20 point, so I’ve cleaned up the UI, plastered massive warnings on… Read more

Debugging a BlogWave adapter…

I’ve been fiddling around with a freakishly terrible Outlook calendar adapter for Blogwave. It’s truly awful, though at the moment I’m not sure if it’s me or Outlook. Anyway, at the moment it’s pretty close to being nonfunctional (no, that’s not a typo) and as I was working on it on Friday, I hit a persistent problem with… Read more

Sweet: The Locomotion Demo is out! NB Getting the music for the demo costs 100 MB, beyond the 29MB used for the game and graphics (the small demo!). The music is good, and sets the mood nicely, but it’s perhaps not unmissable. It’s a time-limited demo (much like RCT before it) – 15 minutes of play time before you’re taken back to… Read more

ISA 2004: Scripting Rocks! (Import Protocol demo)

Like ISA 2000 before it, ISA 2004 is scriptable. Just about anything I can imagine doing through the user interface, I can do with a script. More, in fact! Unlike ISA 2000, ISA 2004 plays nice with XML. Every aspect of the configuration (that I’ve looked at so far) can be exported into an XML… Read more

TSWeb: Sample TSWeb Pages to Connect To Non-standard RDP Ports

If you think you’re experiencing deja vu, it’s because this was also covered in Publishing RDP Servers with TSWeb and ISA 2004 , but I thought I’d do some housekeeping and make a separate post on the pre-fiddled TSWeb connection pages. Short version: The TSWeb (aka TSAC, Remote Desktop Web Connection) package includes a sample… Read more

Games: Only 10 15 More Sleeps until Locomotion!

… and then no sleep for a few weeks. I’m really, really excited about Chris Sawyer’s Locomotion‘s impending release. Intellectually, I know Half-Life 2 is due out soon, but I don’t care. Locomotion is what I’m waiting for. The Aussie Atari site says it’s 10 days out, and at an RRP of $49.95, I might… Read more

My New Toy: An Apple 20″ Wide Screen

The Desire I finally succumbed to my desire, and decided to get one on Saturday, subject to the following conditions: I had to drive to each Apple centre. I could not call ahead to check availability. It had to be in stock and available right then, otherwise no sale. The reason for the cruel and unusual conditions is… Read more