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Migrating to . And still so terrific that 3 of 4 readers rated it "soporific"

Halo 2 Multiplayer on Live: First Impressions

Ah haaaaaa haaaaaaaa ha hahahaha haaaaa hahahahaha haaaa hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! (every single one of those was typed. Individually. In time with me cackling insanely after coming down from a slaughter high). Bedtime. But seriously, haaaaa hahahahaha! Haaa! I quickly hunted through the options for the one I thought would interest me most, and am happy to report… Read more

It’s Halo 2 Night!

No self-respecting Xbox gamer would have missed that tonight’s the night! Aussies – by virtue of our timezone being 17 hours ahead of Redmond – and Kiwis (2 more hours ahead of us) get their first crack at Halo 2 tonight. Expectations aren’t so much high as stratospheric – nay, lunar! Can it live up to the… Read more

Getting Help With ISA Server – Helping Us Help You!

Usability strides in ISA 2004 aside, ISA Server is a powerful product that’s still  quite easy to misconfigure. With great flexibility comes great potential complexity… Most of the time, there’s a straightforward explanation for unintended results, it’s just a matter of working out what that reason is. When Asking For Help, It Helps To Include This Information… Read more

I Hate Glass

Forget circles. Forget copper. I mean, sure, I get that I’m not supposed to use or pick up copper, but glass just completely freaks me out. I’m more scared of glass than I am of spiders. And I’m really scared of spiders, so scared I couldn’t even use this “World Wide Web” until I’d sprayed the… Read more

What’s a Private IP Address?

Private IP addresses are defined in RFC 1918 (a very readable RFC, for my money, and quite short to boot). The RFC defines three ranges: ->  ( – an A class network in oldspeak) -> ( ->  ( – a B class network) There’s another common group of IP addresses that could… Read more

ISA Server and Xbox Live: Not Officially Supported. But I’m interested…

It’s old news, but I thought I might as well get the conversation started, after John emailed me asking about getting ISA working with Xbox Live. I need to state up front that last time I heard anything about anything, Xbox Live wasn’t officially supported through ISA. Rather than “your mileage may vary”, this puts… Read more

ISA 2004 does 502s rather than 407s if you’re already authenticated

Update: Also works for ISA 2006 and TMG. There were a couple of newsgroup questions on ISA 2004 authentication that prompted me to go digging through the SDK. Edit: A little more background so this makes more sense: When an HTTP request is submitted by a client (also called a “user agent”, because not all user… Read more

But I didn’t. Sleep, that is.

(following on from the last post)… I was too wired. Instead, I hit the ISA newsgroups again, and picked up a couple of fascinating questions. A couple of people had VPN problems with ISA 2004, but it turns out that the problems are different (and not obvious) – I’m still working through them with the people involved…. Read more

ISA 2004 Access Rules: A Self-Contained Universe of Possibility

NB I’m on cold & flu medication, so please forgive me if I’m a tad scattered, or even weirder than usual. I was having fevered semi-dreams of something to do with a wireless access point, and somehow, every time I swallowed, the clients disconnected. And it was an important customer. Enough, I thought, and hit the… Read more

I’m Barnacular.

That word is mine now. Ben The Virtual PC Guy has another post on OS nostalgia. It’s starting to make me feel old! I’m really enjoying his blogs, because – at least so far – I share similar experiences. Back in the Good Old Days, I coaxed Windows 3.0 into running in Real Mode (remember when… Read more