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Migrating to . And still so terrific that 3 of 4 readers rated it "soporific"

Use of Asterisks in this Blog

When I’m either being ironic or outright lying, I’ll usually include an unattributed asterisk to make it obvious, in much the same way advertisers do. Except they’re supposed to include fine print, whereas I’m not. For example: I like pizza. – is true. I like being beaten at chess*. – is false. So, wherever you see… Read more

WshShell.Run and Long File Names

I hit this the other day – when using the Wsh Shell object’s Run method in VBScript, passing a long filename (LFN) tends to truncate, so: set oShell = CreateObject(“Wscript.Shell”)oShell.Run “C:\Documents and Settings\Tester\Desktop\TestFile.Doc” will fail with a message similar to “Cannot find C:\Document”. Simple solution: Double-escape the double quotes: oShell.Run “””C:\Documents and Settings\Tester\Desktop\TestFile.Doc”””… Read more

How TSWeb / TSAC / Remote Desktop Web Connection Client Works

[Update 16 Aug 2004] I’ve posted some sample TSWeb HTM file that handles different ports too, and steps for how to get it working* with ISA 2004 (or other Port Address Translation-capable firewalls) in this post: Publishing RDP (Terminal Servers, XP Remote Desktop) with TSWeb. There’s a common misconception that TSWeb allows you to connect… Read more

About Me, About This Blog

It’s pronounced “try-stank”. I’m Tristan Kington, a (Senior) Premier Field Engineer primarily covering Cybersecurity and PKI. I have a background spanning IIS, TMG, networking and infrastructure, and some development bits. I maintain or act as a Lead on a couple of our Assessment offerings, and I’m passionate about seeming passionate about things. Often. No, sometimes…. Read more