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Migrating to . And still so terrific that 3 of 4 readers rated it "soporific"

IRL: I was an Angry Young Man, once…

Triggered by .   I normally don’t comment on Scoble’s posts – I just sponge from them – but this one really struck a chord, and it’s about time for a personal-ish blog (My content-to-personality quota feels about right). Try as I might, I just couldn’t stick to a topic, so it’s an autobiographical rambler. Sorry.   Darren… Read more

New Australian Support Offering: Professional Support Advantage

If you’re someone that uses the pay-per-incident Professional Support in Australia (13 16 30), then you may be interested in Professional Support Advantage, a new support offering that we’re piloting at the moment, accepting signups until mid-October.   What’s the Advantage? Once your PSA contract is set up, you can log support calls 24×7, and billing… Read more

NLB Will Actually Converge On A Crossover Cable

…It’s just that it’s of no use to anyone outside the cluster – and I can’t think of a way of making anything useful happen using a crossover cable within an NLB cluster, so if anyone’s got a good usage scenario for Wibbles with a crossover cable, please leave a comment!   In the course of a support issue… Read more

TS Licensing in 90 Words Or Less

Various aspects of TS Licensing are often misunderstood, so I set myself the goal of explaining it relatively clearly in under 90 words. I cheated by using a picture, which is reputedly worth a thousand words, though I think that mainly applies to people with, what’s the word, skill. Words From The Picture Retyped: Clients… Read more

Blog Facelift: The Joy Of Filters (aka Getting IE Filters to Work)

I admit it (as if it wasn’t already obvious) – I dropped out of Graphic Design at Uni. The sad truth is that I’m a much better design critic than creator. /me shrugs, I’m from the Scoble school of blog design – it’s all about the content!   Still, a friend of mine (who might… Read more

NLB: The Importance Of Interface Metrics

More on Network Load Balancing… If you’re setting up a garden-variety NLB (WLBS / “Wibbles“) cluster, there are a couple of things that will possibly make life easier:   For multi-NIC configurations where one adapter is for incoming cluster traffic and the other is for back-end stuff (say, Terminal Services/Website with a database connection or similar): configure the… Read more

C#: The Good Life

So I decided one day that my rudimentary knowledge of C++ isn’t really up to par (after several half-hearted book purchases and first-three-chapter reads, as is my M.O.), and that I should really spend some time improving my skills. I’m fairly fluent in (safe) C# and VB.Net, and I’ve a reasonable background in VBScript and… Read more

ISA 2000: Web Publishing a .Net Web Service

There’s no real trick to it, apart from the good old Web Publishing authentication part.   Short version: Treat the published website exactly as you would a real web server, don’t try to treat it like a proxy (submitting proxy authentication credentials is not the right way to authenticate when you’re outside).   Longer but not exhaustive version:… Read more

RSS: How Many Applications?

My token occasional “not actually related to my job” post, just typing to get my ideas down. I’m not employed as a programmer or PM, so expect questions, not policy statements!   I’ve put together a couple of RSS aggregator test apps in the past year or so, mainly to muck around with XML programming with .Net.   I… Read more