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More Fiddling: PasteOff 0.5

PasteOff is back, bigger, stronger and with more error handling. OK, barely more error handling. It’s a fun project, not a production one, mmkay?

PasteOff is a quick’n’dirty utility that saves images from the clipboard to a pre-arranged location in JPEG format, with a randomly generated filename (or one you specify), and can run a utility/script against the saved image afterwards.

This version (0.5) adds:
 – configuration UI – you can pick the folder the images are saved to
 – prompt before overwrite option
 – click the icon to check for an image on the clipboard (eg, you click once, the tray icon refreshes. Nice and easy.)
 – the ability to run a program after the image is saved: This happens automatically if a program is selected in the Configuration dialog), so you could run a script or EXE that takes the saved filename as its argument, and uploads it somewhere (that’s my intended use, anyway).

It’s still rough around the edges, and the usual “Please don’t sue me if something goes wrong” disclaimer applies.

[Update]: Moved the download to the new master article for PasteOff.