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Office Holiday Terror: The Airzooka

In one of my rather more sugar-induced and less technically reasoned Holiday Season moods, I decided to buy an Airzooka from LatestBuy.

For the technically-minded, Dan’s review says it all.

It was delivered the next day (kudos to Latestbuy for the speedy delivery), and I eagerly set about putting it together (it took a little longer than I’d expected, mainly because it’s violently fluorescent orange, and I could barely look at it at all, let alone make out the little letter “A” on the tabs I was supposed to line up).

Once it was put together, um, WHOP! (Whop, whop, whop, whop, whop, you get the idea).

It’s a lot of fun noisily shooting my cubemate with it every so often. He loves it*. Also fun is the sensation when someone shoots and misses – it feels just like a large projectile just missed your head if you place the shot right, almost more fun than hitting someone full-force with it. Almost. I can also “tinkle” the decorations about two cubes away, though my accuracy varies a lot at range.

If you’re surrounded by people you love to annoy, highly recommended. Doesn’t hurt too much when you’re beaten senseless with it after the second day, either*. Take advantage of Holiday Season goodwill and avoid long-term injury, I say.