Problems With Other Browsers?

Thanks to Eric TF Bat who dropped me a comment:

There's an issue with this blog on standards-compliant browsers; the right-hand navbar seems to be making the central text area go haywire. Check it out in Firefox to see the effect. It's probably a side-effect of only testing the site in a non-standard browser, tho that's just a wild guess. Drop me a line at [removed] if you'd like some help figuring it out; it's what I do, and I don't want you thinking all IE-haters are useless...

Looks like it's just Firefox/Moz; IE works fine, and Opera renders it correctly. I didn't actually test the layout in anything other than IE (Maxthon to be precise, but it's all the same...).

Ta for the note, I'll play with it later (time permitting).

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  1. Akuma-X says:

    Not just Firefox/Mozilla, Safari on OS X renders it badly too. The only browsers that it looks right in are the 2 you listed and that is because Opera now tries to render things in the same fashion that IE does. Both IE and Opera are not standard compliant by any means.

    BTW, just taking a quit look at your code, I think you just need to set a min and max width to the "main" layer in your CSS.

  2. TristanK says:

    Sounds good, but if I read it right, min/max width don’t actually have the intended effect 🙁

    The IE/Opera rendering of the page is basically how I want it (eg, main section occupies 100% of leftover space once the side regions are drawn).

    I’m trying to think how I could rephrase it (I don’t have access to the site templates, only the CSS, so I’m a little limited in what I can do).

  3. Tristank says:

    And as it turns out, the answer is kinda cool:

    put me on the right track.

    When the style sheet contains the line:

    width:expression( document.body.clientWidth – (rightmenu.width + 30) );

    in the #main bit, everything shakes out pretty well, they both (eg, IE and Moz) look identical to the point of me suspecting the code isn’t actually running!

    There’s still an overshot boundary on the right hand side in Firefox (dare I say – an extra bit that doesn’t fit? Bwah hahahah sorry, couldn’t help it), but I’m not fussed.

    Thanks for the tips…

  4. Akuma-X says:

    Much better 🙂

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