It’s Halo 2 Night!

No self-respecting Xbox gamer would have missed that tonight's the night!

Aussies - by virtue of our timezone being 17 hours ahead of Redmond - and Kiwis (2 more hours ahead of us) get their first crack at Halo 2 tonight.

Expectations aren't so much high as stratospheric - nay, lunar! Can it live up to the hype?

So far:

So, in just under one short hour, the folk queueing outside EB will be walking away with a little piece of gaming history in their hands.

I'll be firing up the Xbox for a game of Live sometime after midnight, to see how it plays. It had better be good!

Back On The PC - In The Land Of The High Res Monitor, there are also some treats just arrived or coming:

  • Half-Life 2 is almost here (with a metacritic score only slightly lower than Halo 2 at the moment), Steam subscribers get it the instant the clock ticks over* (don't know how the time zone stuff shakes out though...)
  • the Joint Operations expansion pack Escalation is due at about the same time (plus going to the store to buy it)
  • Tribes:Vengeance is already out there (and I'm really tempted to go get it)...

It looks like it's shaking out to be a really good year's end for games!

Happy sigh.

Comments (3)

  1. Uwe Keim says:

    *crying* We Germans must wait another month for "The incredibles" and we even have to wait until 11th of november for "Halo 2".

    This is SO unfair!

  2. TristanK says:

    I feel your pain. Generally, the release of any given title in Oz lags behind ROW by a week or more. It’s improved in recent years though, I must say – it used to be literally months before a game that had been released in the UK would make it over here (unless you paid to have it imported) back in the early 90’s…

  3. mike says:

    I was there at midnight, and I think it generally lived up to the hype. Only a few things make me wonder what the **** took so long:

    – Battle Rifle isn’t that hot in Multiplayer

    – SMGs are abit too inaccurate; but they also reload way too fast.

    – Carbine sucks horrible ass (enough said)

    – All vehicles but the Warthog seem to move in slow motion (not a big issue, but annoying)

    – White button -> talk

    – [spoiler (sorta)]



    – No CoOp online

    For so many additions, it is just ****ing amazing how well it was executed. It’s a shame that a few weapons don’t seem very useful on Live at all, however.

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