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So terrific that 3 of 4 readers rated it "soporific"

Problems With Other Browsers?

Thanks to Eric TF Bat who dropped me a comment: There’s an issue with this blog on standards-compliant browsers; the right-hand navbar seems to be making the central text area go haywire. Check it out in Firefox to see the effect. It’s probably a side-effect of only testing the site in a non-standard browser, tho that’s… Read more

Thanksgiving Tech Support: Thanks, HP.

HP claimed the first victim of the holidays – a teary mother. I’d given her an HP PSC 1315 as an early Christmas present, and it’s really, really good so far. With one fairly significant blow: it doesn’t like printing Avery labels properly. Mum likes to print off about 250 christmas card labels each year…. Read more

Half Life 2: Done.

Somewhat controversially, I don’t think it’s the best game ever. It’s good, but it’s not all that, girlfriend. I was playing through it wondering if there was something I was missing that all the other reviewers knew. It’s a good first person shooter with some interesting things, and if I were to go back and replay… Read more

Routed Networks in ISA 2004

I was having an argument with a friend from elsewhere in the Aussie support organization about ISA’s (new in 2004) network templates and their default routing layouts. I like arguments – I learn a good 57.3% of what I know from (friendly) arguments with people. The short version is this: The Front Firewall template assumes… Read more

Wow. Busy. Work. And Half Life 2. And comment spam.

First, my sincerest thanks to the jerk currently at for comment spamming me; moderation’s enabled for the time being. Hope we can get a nice CAPTCHA thingy implemented here soon. While it might *look* to the casual observer like Halo 2 came out and I stopped blogging, it’s more like Halo 2 came out, and then… Read more

Halo 2 Multiplayer on Live: First Impressions

Ah haaaaaa haaaaaaaa ha hahahaha haaaaa hahahahaha haaaa hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! (every single one of those was typed. Individually. In time with me cackling insanely after coming down from a slaughter high). Bedtime. But seriously, haaaaa hahahahaha! Haaa! I quickly hunted through the options for the one I thought would interest me most, and am happy to report… Read more

It’s Halo 2 Night!

No self-respecting Xbox gamer would have missed that tonight’s the night! Aussies – by virtue of our timezone being 17 hours ahead of Redmond – and Kiwis (2 more hours ahead of us) get their first crack at Halo 2 tonight. Expectations aren’t so much high as stratospheric – nay, lunar! Can it live up to the… Read more

Getting Help With ISA Server – Helping Us Help You!

Usability strides in ISA 2004 aside, ISA Server is a powerful product that’s still  quite easy to misconfigure. With great flexibility comes great potential complexity… Most of the time, there’s a straightforward explanation for unintended results, it’s just a matter of working out what that reason is. When Asking For Help, It Helps To Include This Information… Read more

I Hate Glass

Forget circles. Forget copper. I mean, sure, I get that I’m not supposed to use or pick up copper, but glass just completely freaks me out. I’m more scared of glass than I am of spiders. And I’m really scared of spiders, so scared I couldn’t even use this “World Wide Web” until I’d sprayed the… Read more

What’s a Private IP Address?

Private IP addresses are defined in RFC 1918 (a very readable RFC, for my money, and quite short to boot). The RFC defines three ranges: ->  ( – an A class network in oldspeak) -> ( ->  ( – a B class network) There’s another common group of IP addresses that could… Read more