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I’m Barnacular.

That word is mine now.

Ben The Virtual PC Guy has another post on OS nostalgia. It’s starting to make me feel old!

I’m really enjoying his blogs, because – at least so far – I share similar experiences. Back in the Good Old Days, I coaxed Windows 3.0 into running in Real Mode (remember when Windows had a Real Mode?) in 640×200 CGA mono, on my 640K XT. It was an event, I can tell you. It wasn’t really useful for much once I had it running, and I never quite got the mouse support working right, but hey, it was more an experiment in “could it be done?” than productivity. With that accomplished, I went back to more achievable goals – I think Speedball 2 was the game of the moment…

Wow. Can I ramble? Yes you can!

So I’m wondering if I’m already a barnacle. Probably. I don’t think there’s much shame in being a barnacle. Anyway, looking at the referrer logs, there’s some interest from The Web Search Kids about getting old games working, so I have my post topics laid out for me! (Hmm… unless Ben beats me to it. In which case, it’s on.)

Update: Since firing up the DOS VPC I had from last year’s experiments, it seems that some of them don’t want to work in various ways (I blame my recent processor upgrade). Pity. Still, if at first you don’t succeed (and have a serious nostalgic bent) try the excellent DOSBox – it’s the other half of my nostalgic gaming toolkit.